Business Card Maker Crack 45.0 With Activation Code [Latest]

Business Card Maker Crack 45.0 With Activation Code [Latest]

Business Card Maker Crack 45.0 your printer on high-resolution cardstocks such as Avery, Sigel, Herma, Formtec, DECAdry, etc. Most people print a sheet with eight or ten cards for convenience so that you can print one card, five cards, or 100 cards. A dozen shapes can be created with the pencil tool: rectangles, ellipses, stars, polygons, etc. Use the pen tool to create Bezier curves and straight lines. Paths can be edited using the Node Tool: moving nodes and Bezier handles, aligning and distributing nodes, etc.

Business Card Maker Crack 45.0 With Activation Code [Latest]

With this application, you can create, move, scale, rotate, and flip shapes and texts.
With Custom Shape Tool, you can create any shape graphics you want. You can move, delete, or add anchors to shapes with simple clicks or drags. In addition, more than 50+ pre-designed filters are available for all vector objects, including figures, texts, and paths. This makes the design very visually appealing.
Furthermore, it gives you the option to add drop shadows, reflections, glow, and 3D bevel with customized settings for shapes or texts in your design.

Double-click on the text object to enter the editing state. Drag some text, and then set its font, font size, italic, bold, superscript, subscript, and other attributes. In addition, Business Card Designer Pro supports placing a text object on a path that is curved so that the text is curved along the way. The program provides a unique tool to distort text. It controls or adjusts the shape of the text by means of curves placed at the top and bottom of the text. Among them, the curve path can be edited as you desire. For convenience, the program has a number of 30+ pre-set deformation styles for users to choose from.

Design material can be loaded as pure vector files like SVGs / SVGZs / PDFs / AIs / PSs / EPSs / WMFs / EMFs or raster images like GIFs / PNGs / JPGs. After importing a vector object, you can edit it freely. Take your PDF or JPG file to a print shop. Easily export cards as PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PSD, ICO, CUR, ANI, and TGA image files. Upload GIF, BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, ICO, CUR, and ANI files.

Top Key Features:

  • You can create a quick business card template with an image and business card. The business card can be edited offline or online at any time.
  • There are more than 75 card templates available for you to design and create. The designs are built with great graphics and quality, just like the professional ones.
  • Text, images, and icons can be added like email, website, location, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile, and you can choose background design, color, or gradient as you like.
  • Add your company logo or create your own, insert the logo on the card template, and customize the text with stroke, color, gradient, opacity, and copy.
  • In the user profile management, you will enter your name, address, phone number, and email so that when you apply templates, this information will be added automatically without you having to enter it again.
  • Delivers wonderful people, business, artwork, and cultural themes
Free business cards in seconds, easy to customize using high quality professional designs — Business Card Maker

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System Requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows 10, 11, 7, and 8.1
  • Computing Unit: 2.1 MHz
  • Processor Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Drive: 80
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