Folder Lock 7.9.0 Crack

Folder Lock With Serial Key

Folder Lock 7.9.0 Crack is an efficient file protection software that allows you to create a password to protect, hide items, and block files. In addition, you can encrypt various data types, such as folders, drivers, music, videos, images, and other essential documents and data in a few seconds.

It is portable software, which means that it also creates security and protects your USB devices, disks, laptops, hard drives, and other mobile devices. This is a fast and efficient file protection software that attracts viewers of all aspects. All your data is safe when you use Backup copies can also be made with your data.

Folder Lock Crack is a complete package for security. All your need is satisfied through the use of this software. It keeps your private and professional files protected in many ways. In addition, it keeps your registry protected on PCs and portable devices.

The program allows you to create a backup for online storage. This application is a combination of 7 security tools, you can encrypt your files with 256 bits, and when you need this data, you can make backups in the online storage quickly and save them to USB devices and other portable devices.

You can easily protect your files with wallets. It also allows you to destroy files and delete records from your window’s history. Someone who needs all types of security in a Folder Lock Crack package is very suitable. It offers portability, lock files, encryption, hack attempt alert, destruction, history cleanup, and much more. It also has a backup function.

Here we present the new blocking folder. With this, you can encrypt your files and folders with a single click. In addition, you can save all the important files in the boxes, which are encrypted, portable storage, and variable size. With Folder Lock Crack with a serial key, you can also automatically back up your lockers to an online account.

You do not need to decrypt your files to start your backups. Everything is automatic, and even a single change of the loaded files without you doing anything. All things remain encrypted in computers, as well as in your online account. Even the transmission is encrypted, making the process back. Then you can restore your lockers anytime and anywhere since the lockers are also portable.

It allows you to convert your lockers into encrypted, executable, and copy them to your USB or external drives or burn them to CDs and DVDs. The latest Folder Lock Crack with Serial key also encrypts email attachments to send important documents and share passwords with trusted friends.

This wonderful tool can also block and hide any of your files, folders, and drives you to want to protect yourself with a password and create encrypted digital wallets. Therefore, you can keep your private information secure, such as credit cards, bank accounts, and business cards. You can also permanently destroy and delete files on your computer and clean up your Windows usage history.

In addition to robust data security, the crack lock plus license key of the folder provides that the product comes with incredible options such as running the application in stealth mode, monitoring and capturing hacking attempts, password security at the application level, and automatic protection. When you block a folder, it can not be deleted. Furthermore, you can never change the name of the lock file. Blocked files are unmovable, hidden, and inaccessible.

Folder Lock Full Key Download Free Ultimate is a complete solution for all the protection requirements of your statistics. It helps you keep your documents protected in some of the techniques,

Folder Lock Crack is a powerful featured program that provides complete security and data protection for all your data security needs. With this tool, you can block, hide, and password protects personal files, folders, etc. In addition, it is easy to encrypt your data, drag and drop the files, make backup copies, synchronize the encrypted files in real-time, and easily save them CD / DVD, USB, etc.

This provides complete information to protect data on computers, personal laptops. It has the help of an advanced level filtering tool to protect your files, folders, and drives and offers a sophisticated encryption system that employs 256-AES encryption technology.

Lock crack folder for windows 7, 8, 8.1. Encryption and data security are not just for security experts and IT professionals. Yes, today, it is a problem that is becoming day by day.

Everyone should take precautions to fully protect their most confidential files and folders by encrypting and attaining them. It comes with the perfect combination of seven security tools and allows the user to encrypt all their data to back them up in real-time.

It is a useful software program that allows user to keep their documents locked and encrypted while preserving the encoded logs programmed and in progress. If you are curious, it is here to serve you and allows the user to protect files, folders, and units alike.

After allowing it to protect it, Folder Lock Crack can protect your password, encrypt and hide any number of folders, drives, images, documents, and hard drives alike.


  • Compression tool added
  • The incremental backup has included there
  • Remote server options enabled
  • Restoration and web access enabled.
  • There is a secure online backup available
  • Added auto-decryption tools.

What’s New.

  • Choose and encrypt your folder.
  • It has a powerful AES encryption algorithm.
  • Can protect DVD / CD and flash drives
  • It can also protect the user from automatic shutdown or data loss when transferring from one device to another
  • You can encrypt files and folders
  • Block files, drives, and folders alike
  • Stealth mode added
  • Backup and synchronization of encrypted files all together

System Requirements.

  • Minimum RAM: 512 MB and a 66 GHz processor are required
  • Free hard disk space: You need more than 500 MB of free space on the hard disk
  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Win8 / Win8.1 and Windows 10

Serial Key.

  • 12873-45654-87356-76543-23456-76543-234567
  • 43234-67653-23412-56765-43233-4456-8776512
  • 65432-34435-56789-87687-54321-23456-789451

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